Come to the fair and bring your camera!


Take pictures that you feel best exemplify the spirit and feeling of the Hessler Street Fair. Following the fair, entries will be accepted for the Hessler Street Fair Photo Contest.


You can also email photos that are NOT contest entries to the same address below. Just make sure you clearly identify what is an entry and what is being sent just for our online archives gallery.


2019 Rules

1. Photos must be taken in and around the 2018 Hessler Street Fair and can be either film or digital photographs.


2. Maximum of 5 entries per person.

We've had people send in 30 images of their kids playing at the fair.


3. Entries can include prints sent to:

Photo Contest

Hessler Street Fair Committee


or the preferred method, JPEG, PSD or TIFF files attached to an email sent to


Size Guidelines for emailed files:


You don't want to submit something that's 50k for a contest, but it doesn't have to be 8 megs either. Somewhere in the 200k-2 meg range is probably best.


4. All entries must include photographer’s name, street address, city, state, zip, phone number and email address and must be received by July 15, 2019.


5. Judging will take place in July, 2019 and winners will be notified at that time. While we cannot return photographs, photographers will retain the copyright of their work. We reserve the right to display the photographs on the Hessler Street Fair website and Facebook page.


All entries so used will include a photographer’s credit and information on how to contact the photographer. HOWEVER, photos will NOT have credit info next to them until AFTER the judging. Because the judging is blind, we don't want the judges to see the photos with the photographers name, etc. until after the judging.


The Hessler Street Fair Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.


6. Judging will be blind (i.e., the judges will not know whose photos they are viewing) and will be conducted by a panel of qualified judges.  All judging will be final and duplicate prizes will not be awarded.


7. Prizes are as follows:


1st Prize -- $100

2nd Prize -- $50

3rd Prize -- $25


Made from 100% recycled Pixels.