The Hessler Street Fair is a two-day celebration, and like any good party it comes with plenty of good music. The stage is set at the end of a cul-de-sac and the surrounding buildings form a "natural" amphitheater, reflecting the sound back out towards the rest of the crowd. This provides exposure for a number of local musical artists playing original music.


The music starts at noon each day, and continues until dusk. Fairs of the past have showcased musical styles ranging from rock to classical to reggae to jazz to blues to various forms of folk music. Bands have included such local favorites as Jah Messengers, Cats on Holiday, The P.L.U.S. Band with Carlos Jones, The JiMiller Band, Mo' Mojo and Ron Bean with the Hessler Blues All-stars.


Since 1995, Rich Maserik of Vertical Sound has provided audio equipment and mixing the music. The live music at the Street Fair has been regularly simulcast on WRUW-FM, 91.1 MHz, the student radio station of Case Western Reserve University. WRUW-FM is now broadcasting live over the Internet as well.


2019 Music Lineup

Saturday, June 1st


11:00                     Austin Walkin’ Cane

12:00                     The David Smeltz Project

1:00                        Cats on Holiday

2:00                        Lost Bob & the Ozone Ramblers

3:00                        Hessler All Stars

4:00                        Big Ship

5:00                        Jah Messengers

6:00                        Becky Boyd & The Groove Train

7:00                        Mo’ Mojo

8:00                        Daddy Longleg’s Homegrown Revival

9:00                        JiMiller Band


Sunday, June 2nd


11:00                     The Swing Time Big Band

12:00                     Armstrong Bearcat Band

1:00                        Alex Bevan

2:00                        Colin Dussault

3:00                        Blue Lunch

4:00                        New Soft Shoe

5:00                        Mifune

6:00                        Joe Bell & the Swing Lizards

7:00                        Revolution Brass Band

8:00                        Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band










2018 Music Lineup for Saturday

11:00   Jazz
                 SCC Jazz Trio

12:00   Irish                 Ballinloch

1:00     Jazzy Pop        anitakeys & friends

2:00     Folk                  Alex Bevan

3:00     Blues               Hessler All Stars

4:00     Progressive    Prog Nation

5:00     Zydeco            Cats on Holiday

6:00     Reggae            Jah Messengers

7:00     Swing Blues   Blue Lunch

8:00     Classic Rock   Long Time Gone

9:00     Jam Rock         JiMiller Band



2018 Music Lineup for Sunday

11:00    Jazz                  The Katy

12:00    Indi-Pop           James Emmett Band

1:00      Blue Grass      Lost Bob & the Ozone Ramblers

2:00      Damn Fine Blues                    Auggie Walkin' Cane

3:00      Fiery, Blues Acoustic Duo    Kristine/ Becky

4:00      Swing Jazz & Blues                 Joe Bell & the Swing Lizards

5:00      Worldbeat      Daddy Longlegs

6:00      Latin Rock      Evil Ways

7:00      New Orleans  Revolution Brass Band

8:00      Reggae             Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band










2017 Music lineup below


Saturday June 3, 2017


11 am   Jazz Monads

12 pm   Black Phoenix Artist Society

 1 pm   Ballinloch

 2 pm   Splitroot

 3 pm   ProgNation

 4 pm   Cats on Holiday

 5 pm   Morticia's Chair

 6 pm   Hessler All Stars

 7 pm   Funkyardx

 8 pm   Sultans of Bing

 9 pm   JiMiller Band

Sunday June 4, 2017


  11 am   Donnie Lynee Music

  12 pm   Mutants of the Rhythm Room

   1 pm   Schwarts Brothers

   2 pm   UpgraYde GrooVes

   3 pm   Brent Kirby & His Luck

   4 pm   Joe Bell & the Swing Lizards

   5 pm   Revolution Brass Band

   6 pm   Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival

   7 pm   Jack Fords

   8 pm   Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band

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